I have a strong preference for applied research, ie, research that informs strategic decisions in organisations and makes them more evidenced based. My research interests focus the intersection between Human Capital Strategies and Firm performance.

As the Executive Director of Human Capital and Leadership Initiative (HC & LI) at ISB, I am engaged in examine the impact of firm-specific HRM practices on select business outcomes.

Vision for HC & LI:

To be the most preferred academic partner to business enterprises in the area of Strategic Human Capital in India and emerging markets- through thought leadership.

The thrust research areas of HC & LI include

  1. Human Capital in Digital Era
  2. Organizational agility
  3. Global Organizations: Managing Across Borders
  4. Architecting Leadership Development
  5. Workforce Diversity and Inclusion
  6. Measuring Return on Human Capital

I invite interest and collaboration from CEOs and lead practitioners in undertaking research and case study writings in any of the above 6 thrust areas of HC & LI. Willingness to support random control trials on-site or A/B tests will be of great help.

HC & LI Projects (2018-19)

  1. Raging War for Talent: Implications for Human Capital Strategies in India Inc.
  2. Changing Future of “Captives” in India: Implications for Jobs and Skills






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