Chandra hosted the cross-border virtual panel discussion by HC & LI, ISB on the theme Is the Future of Work, Hybrid? on September 9, 2021 with thought leaders from North America, Europe and Asia joining the panel. Prof. Rick Smith, Vice Dean, Education and Partnerships, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School observed that people who are working remotely are less likely to advance in their career and that was a concern. Josie Kang, VP, Human Capital Leadership Institute (Singapore), pointed out that in China, around 80% of the workforce is back to the office already. Carolina Yeo, Partner, Future Work Forum (Europe) and Co-founder, &ahead said that the transition to WFH was not very difficult in the case of Europe, and the return to office depends on distinct requirements of various sectors. This event was part of HC&LI’s ongoing research and outreach on the emerging phenomenon of remote work and its variants – WFH, WFA and hybrid work and HC&LI continues to look for industry partnerships in this area.

Chandra engaged Rajesh Nambiar, Chairman and MD, Cognizant India, in a structured dialogue session ‘Beyond the Pandemic: Next-Gen Workforce and Workspaces’ in an event hosted by HC&LI, ISB on March 25, 2021.

Rajesh shared his insights on accelerating digital adoption, the future of skills, work and workspaces, emerging remote work trends and the importance of psychological safety, vulnerability and influencing without authority for people leaders.